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Impressions of Rogue One (vague spoilers)

Vague spoilers for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Might be additional spoilers in comments.

I was confused for the first 1/3 of the movie. Who are these people and what side are they on anyway and what's going on? But then I figured out what was going on and it was all good.

Appreciated the multi-ethnic cast with a female leader. The proto romantic relationship that developed felt natural, was not silly, and did not get in the way of the story.

Bonus Mads Mikkelsen. Bonus snarky robot (a cross between C-3PO and Marvin the Paranoid Android). Insufficient light-saber fu. Surprise cameo by Zatoichi. Great to hear James Earl Jones's Vader voice again.

Interesting to hear what the composer did with the John Williams themes. A lot of the music had a "too many notes" thing going on. OTOH, I suspect it would be very hard to work with John Williams themes without adding extraneous notes.

One of my friends said that they didn't like the "one woman, tons of guys" thing going on in all the fight scenes. I see their point, although I didn't notice it while I was watching the movie.
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The one woman did stand out among all those guys. Although I could kind of stand it since the main male characters fighting by her side are all men of color.
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I enjoyed it a lot too! I also didn't notice the whole "one woman, tons of guys" thing going on in the fight scenes; the multi-ethnic cast probably helped with this. There were also women among the rebel pilots.