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If you have watched any of the following series, I would love your opinion.
Well written?
Cast/creator diversity?
Sexism/racism/other $fail?

The Colony
Into the Badlands

Do you recommend any other TV series (prefer crime/mystery/sf) that are available on DVD and are fun, diverse, and not too $faily?

Date: 14 Feb 2017 12:03 pm (UTC)
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Of the shows on the list, the only one I've watched is "Spartacus." I enjoyed it -- I've watched all the seasons at least three times. It's solid quasi-historical comic-book entertainment with anti-slavery and anti-sexual-abuse themes. And Strong Women characters whom I quite like.

Well written? I think so, especially the first and second seasons, especially if you keep in mind that it's more or less a comic book. The performances are what really make the show. The lead actors are really wonderful.

Fun? Yep. Lots of violence, gore, slaves treated as sex objects, and swearing, but I don't mind those things; they're presented as part of a slave-owning culture, which is the point of the story.

Intelligent? Not monumentally, but yes.

Cast/creator diversity? I don't know about the creators. The cast seems pretty diverse; it has many non-white and multiracial actors and characters, reflecting the fact the Romans took slaves from all over the Empire. (I think all the boss Romans are played by white people, but the slave characters' stories are presented as equally or more important.) Also, same-gender love, sex, and commitment are presented as an integral part of the culture, and there are bisexual characters.

Sexism/racism/other $fail? Sexism and ethnic conflicts of varying levels of intensity (ranging from joking insults to war) are integral to the plot, fitting the time period. I didn't get any actual sexist or racist messages being delivered by the show itself.

I agree that "Rome" is a more intelligent and higher quality show about the time -- more literary than comic-book -- but its story has a completely different focus -- conflicts within the ruling class rather than slaves rebelling against them.

I'm anonymous at the moment

Date: 15 Feb 2017 03:34 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
If you can make it through the first episode, which is a bit unpleasant but sets up the story, I think you'd enjoy it. At least stick with it until Peter Mensah shows up -- he and his character are wonderful. John Hannah's character is an antagonist, but Hannah is so good, and often very funny.


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