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I really appreciate everyone's condolences about Biscuit. I'm fortunate that the people in my life understand it's hard to lose a pet.

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Hug your human and animal loved ones for me. Heck, hug your plants too.
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I volunteer for Peninsula Humane Society, which has built a spiffy new center at 1450 Rollins Rd., Burlingame, CA

Here are some services that PHS offers at the new center:
  • Microchip Mondays --$20 microchip for dogs and cats, no appointment needed.
  • Group Tours -- M-F, 10:30 am- 5:30 pm. Contact Scott Delucchi at 650/685-8510 or
  • Kids' B-Day Parties for ages 6-12, Sundays, beginning soon. Contact Katy Schwarz at 650/340-7022, ext. 308 or
  • Meeting Space for Local Groups and Companies. Hold your next meeting, team-builder or brainstormer at our Lantos Center, Mondays and Fridays, 2-5 pm. Meeting space looks directly into a cat condo! Suggested donation of $100. Contact Scott Delucchi at 650/685-8510 or
  • Furchandise Retail Store. Proceeds benefit shelter animals.
  • 40-45 cats and kittens available for adoption.
  • Watch staff and volunteers working with shelter dogs in our Dog Training/Exercise Park with a retractable roof and water fountain.
In addition:
  • Wing for rabbits, small animals, birds and non-traditional pets
  • Viewing windows for the public to observe our Kitten Nursery and Wildlife Treatment
  • Dog obedience classes
Here are services still offered at the PHS center at Coyote Point:
  • Owners looking for lost pets
  • Owners surrendering unwanted pets
  • Spay/Neuter Clinic and vaccination clinics
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cats in the sun

Pet Charts said: Congratulations, your photo made the Pet Charts for May 18, 2009! Vote it up the charts at:

(I'm using an Attribution-Share Alike license so this is OK with me.)
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I take photos of cats for Peninsula Humane Society's adoptable cat web pages. I usually end up taking a few photos that are too weird or silly to go up on the pages—here's this week's batch.
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The Background:
I'm not a tidy housekeeper and sometimes some of my clothes get stored on the floor or on furniture. Furthermore, there isn't enough room in my study for everything that I want to keep in here.

The Setting:
My study. The computer is near the back wall.

Against the wall opposite the door is a large "zero gravity recliner" that the cats like to sleep in, especially when it has unsorted clean laundry in it. At the moment, it holds a large, inflated exercise ball, which the cats hate because it makes weird squeaky noises and sometimes chases them and it's bigger than they are.

Near the door is a storage area consisting of 2' wide and 2' deep shelves, some with wire mesh dividers. When I'm being on the tidier side, I store some of my clothes in there.

Long sleeve sweaters and sweatshirts
Long pants
Short sleeved knitted shirts Long sleeved knitted shirts
Shorts Knitted tank tops
Laundry basket storage

The Gathering Storm:
I notice a lot of tank tops on the floor. I assume that I dumped them there after doing laundry and forgot to put them away. I put them away.

A couple of days later, I notice a lot of tank tops on the floor again. I think "I thought I put these away. Guess not." I put them away.

Their Finest Hour:
Late one evening I hear a soft rhythmic scraping sound. I look in the direction of the sound and see my cat Biscuit standing on her hind legs, scraping tank tops out of the tank top storage shelf. Once she has cleared enough room on the shelf, she hops in, lies down, and goes to sleep.

Well, I think she would have lain down and gone to sleep if I hadn't interrupted her by laughing uproariously.

The Grand Alliance:
A short time later, I find Angus on the shelf.

The Hinge of Fate:
The next day, I put the tank tops back on the shelf.

That evening I hear the sound of a cat tongue scraping against fabric. The tank tops are on the floor. Biscuit is back in the shelf, nonchalantly cleaning herself (and the few remaining tank tops that she's using as a bed cushion).

Closing the Ring:
Biscuit is now scraping the tank tops off the shelf nightly.

How long will it take for her to defeat the evil forces who invaded the recliner and installed the exercise ball in it?

1 Jul 2007 02:39 pm
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I keep thinking I've seen the ultimate lolcat spinoff.

I keep being wrong.
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I really liked today's Cute Overload photo of a cream tabby kitten. Here are lots lots more:
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Three photos beneath the cut.

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LJ LolCats

6 Jun 2007 12:53 am
firecat: sheep with text "we can has meme? baahz" (lolsheep) gives me a LolCat for each of the subject lines of my recent posts. [Replace with your own lj name for your set.]

Here are a few of the good ones.
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I don't remember which person on my friends list posted the link to the Making Light thread in which LOLCatz (and other Internet phenomena such as 1337) meet literature, but thanks to whoever it was. I haven't laughed this hard in months.
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There are 38 brands of "meat chunks in gravy" type cat food listed.

ETA: See comments for a link to voluntary recall participation by several individual pet food brands. Nutro is also participating:
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Otherwise I might be a lot more freaked out about having had to spend New Year's Eve at the emergency vet with Angus.
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