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Apparently there's a whole series of these.

The comment section for ever article about bikini waxing ever

31. I’m Paleo, so I believe that accidentally eating pubic hair is natural, and certainly better than ingesting grains and legumes.

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1 Jan 2013 05:26 pm
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Plot holes in World War II (what were the writers thinking?)
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A laugh riot that was posted in Making Light in 2005, but I just found it thanks to
[personal profile] moominmuppet

Things I’ve learned from British folk ballads by Jim Macdonald (and many commenters)
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Judith Matz rewrites magazine headlines.

Women’s Health:

Fight Fat (And Win!) Melt Pounds And Trim Inches In Minutes A Day

My Edit:

Stop Fighting Fat (We’re all Winners!) Melt Away Your Self-Criticism And Add Compassion For Minutes A Day
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I take photos of cats for Peninsula Humane Society's adoptable cat web pages. I usually end up taking a few photos that are too weird or silly to go up on the pages—here's this week's batch.
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The Background:
I'm not a tidy housekeeper and sometimes some of my clothes get stored on the floor or on furniture. Furthermore, there isn't enough room in my study for everything that I want to keep in here.

The Setting:
My study. The computer is near the back wall.

Against the wall opposite the door is a large "zero gravity recliner" that the cats like to sleep in, especially when it has unsorted clean laundry in it. At the moment, it holds a large, inflated exercise ball, which the cats hate because it makes weird squeaky noises and sometimes chases them and it's bigger than they are.

Near the door is a storage area consisting of 2' wide and 2' deep shelves, some with wire mesh dividers. When I'm being on the tidier side, I store some of my clothes in there.

Long sleeve sweaters and sweatshirts
Long pants
Short sleeved knitted shirts Long sleeved knitted shirts
Shorts Knitted tank tops
Laundry basket storage

The Gathering Storm:
I notice a lot of tank tops on the floor. I assume that I dumped them there after doing laundry and forgot to put them away. I put them away.

A couple of days later, I notice a lot of tank tops on the floor again. I think "I thought I put these away. Guess not." I put them away.

Their Finest Hour:
Late one evening I hear a soft rhythmic scraping sound. I look in the direction of the sound and see my cat Biscuit standing on her hind legs, scraping tank tops out of the tank top storage shelf. Once she has cleared enough room on the shelf, she hops in, lies down, and goes to sleep.

Well, I think she would have lain down and gone to sleep if I hadn't interrupted her by laughing uproariously.

The Grand Alliance:
A short time later, I find Angus on the shelf.

The Hinge of Fate:
The next day, I put the tank tops back on the shelf.

That evening I hear the sound of a cat tongue scraping against fabric. The tank tops are on the floor. Biscuit is back in the shelf, nonchalantly cleaning herself (and the few remaining tank tops that she's using as a bed cushion).

Closing the Ring:
Biscuit is now scraping the tank tops off the shelf nightly.

How long will it take for her to defeat the evil forces who invaded the recliner and installed the exercise ball in it?
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I pass on (from [ profile] kyubi, who has the good fortune to look at these things as part of her line of work) the blog

The first entry at the moment is for the "Hello Kitty Etch-A-Sketch Purse."

The author of this blog taunts his ambivalent readers by refusing to reveal where to buy the products he blogs about.
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[ profile] nolly pointed me at a Monterey hotel called, creatively, Monterey Hotel.

They have a Romance Package available on the dates I'm planning to stay. For some reason it is cheaper than all their other rates.

The Romance Package includes:
  • A trail of red, silk rose petals will lead you from the front door of your hotel room to the bedroom area.
  • The bed will be decorated with over 150 red, silk rose petals, elegant fabric tulle, and long strands of pearl beads, colorful chocolate kisses, red metallic streamers, feather boa and a large bouquet of balloons.
I told this to the OH in IM:

2:46 PM
The OH
No wonder it's cheaper

2:46 PM
But if you can KEEP all the silk rose petals, fabric, pearl beads, and such, it's a hoarding crafter's dream
Also I find the idea of booking it just for myself kind of amusing.

2:48 PM
The OH
Just make sure to bring an extra-large vibrator

2:48 PM
I am so blogging this

2:48 PM
The OH
I mean, extra-loud
What exactly are you blogging?

2:49 PM
this conversation

2:50 PM
The OH

LJ LolCats

6 Jun 2007 12:53 am
firecat: sheep with text "we can has meme? baahz" (lolsheep) gives me a LolCat for each of the subject lines of my recent posts. [Replace with your own lj name for your set.]

Here are a few of the good ones.
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I don't remember which person on my friends list posted the link to the Making Light thread in which LOLCatz (and other Internet phenomena such as 1337) meet literature, but thanks to whoever it was. I haven't laughed this hard in months.
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Taxidermy Reversal for Beginners !
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Cute BBW 3D animation movie, aptly described by [ profile] kyubi as "Definitely fat-positive rather than size-positive".

(Possibly NWS, includes sound and string bikinis)
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...I like Peep web pages so much.

Here they are using a library.

(via [ profile] supergee)
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Anagrams for one of my names, from

[ profile] firecat:
a tech smurf
fact musher
matches fur

[ profile] firecat's store:
mac serf hut

One of [ profile] firecat's physical traits:
sacrum heft

[ profile] firecat wears:
mesh cat fur

[ profile] firecat's Usenet posting habits:
strafe much?

1 Feb 2006 11:19 am
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Herewith is my favorite post in the "Things I Learn From My Patients" Emergency Medicine thread on Student Doctor Network Forums.

Warning, some of the other posts in the thread are gross, very gory, NWS, etc. (The above link is OK. Eta: But still sarcastic and containing descriptions of injuries.)

(I got obsessed with the thread last night and read all 36 pages.)


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