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I was delighted to discover that the moderators of the excellent LJ community [ profile] 50books_poc, for reviews of books by people of color, have created a sister community on Dreamwidth: [community profile] 50books_poc

The announcement is here along with a request for input on how people want the two communities to interact:
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I like being able to maintain some separation among my various accounts on the Internet.

Therefore, I'm not planning to link my FB and Twitter accounts to my LJ account or enable automatic crossposting for my LJ journal entries.

I'm not planning to auto-crosspost my comments in other people's journals to FB or Twitter.

Occasionally I hand-post the URL to one of my public LJ journal entries to FB or Twitter. Occasionally I copy and paste a comment I made in another person's journal and repost the text elsewhere. When I do this, if the entry I commented on is locked, I don't mention where the comment came from, and I remove all identifying information.

I don't care if you auto-crosspost your journal entries or your comments on my journal entries. I will adjust my posting habits with the assumption that such things might happen. (E.g., I might allow comments on DW only for my locked journal entries.)
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so is anyone else finding it's takes forever for LJ comment e-mails to show up?

LJ LolCats

6 Jun 2007 12:53 am
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Here are a few of the good ones.
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I'm back from a trip to Portland that included Potlatch con, [ profile] snippy, and some non LJ folks.

I had my crankypants on all weekend so I missed out on getting in touch with some other local folks, I apologize for that.

Please comment if you wrote or saw something on LJ that you think I would like to see.

Trip report to come.
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via [ profile] liveavatar, for whatever good it will do:

Can't say it much better than The_Red_Shoes did, so I'll just repost it:

"Our goal for sponsored communities is to give businesses an opportunity to connect with their customers, give you special deals -- free stuff! -- and information. More and more companies are moving to blogging as a form of communication -- people are starting to understand that there's a huge potential for conversation, and they want to reach out and have that conversation somewhere where the tools are already built in, like LJ."

Jesus, that's disgusting.

Fortunately someone has already come up with the idea of viral anti-marketing:

How many pages of NO can 10 million users generate? Let's find out!

If you don't want more sponsored corporate anything in LiveJournal as seen here in this post, leave a simple NO in the comments to that post and then pass this on to your flist asking them to do the same.

Pass it on.

ETA: [ profile] lysana pointed me at this clarification of the original post. I don't particularly want sponsored communities on LJ, but what I really object to is the notion of "sponsored features" that paid/permanent users would have to view ads to use. Note that I consider "this feature sponsored by foo" to be an ad, so I'm not entirely sure my objections are covered by the clarification, but it helps.


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