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We have a new kitty! His name is Angus, he's a Tuxedo Cat, 4 years old,
and he is a bruiser at 18 pounds. We adopted him from the Peninsula
Humane Society. He seems quite confident and affectionate. We've let him
sniff noses through the door with our resident cat, Biscuit, but we're
keeping them separated for the next few days.

Before we adopted him, I snapped a photo of him in his digs at the
humane society:

Despite my having a lot of experience with cats, this is the first time I've tried introducing two unrelated cats. There's a fair amount of contradictory advice on the web. Any advice (to-dos and to-don'ts) from folks who've been there?


Date: 12 May 2005 08:42 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
A new addition - Yeah! I'm (as you know) more of a dog person but all the advice about keeping them separate for a while and then some supervised visits sounds right to me. Is you're other kitty a lot smaller than Angus? That can be an issue with dogs cause of the increased damage one can do to the other if they get in a fight, but cats (domesticate at least) don't have quite the range in size as canines, so maybe it's not a problem. Good Luck!


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