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We have a new kitty! His name is Angus, he's a Tuxedo Cat, 4 years old,
and he is a bruiser at 18 pounds. We adopted him from the Peninsula
Humane Society. He seems quite confident and affectionate. We've let him
sniff noses through the door with our resident cat, Biscuit, but we're
keeping them separated for the next few days.

Before we adopted him, I snapped a photo of him in his digs at the
humane society:

Despite my having a lot of experience with cats, this is the first time I've tried introducing two unrelated cats. There's a fair amount of contradictory advice on the web. Any advice (to-dos and to-don'ts) from folks who've been there?

Re: Announcement: New addition to our household

Date: 12 May 2005 11:09 pm (UTC)
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oh, i like him!

as to introductions, unless quarantine is advised because of health issues, i always try to first wing it, because if they don't like each other, it gets really cumbersome, and i am lazy and forever hopeful that they'll just get along. so, i will bring the new cat in, leave the carrier sitting in a clear area for a while, and let them each smell the newness. then i'll open the carrier and see what happens. i will talk with both if it seems useful; basically making soothing noises. i'm prepared for this to take a long time (hours), and i do not do anything upsetting in the meantime (no vacuuming, or other scary stuff). and i watch them like a hawk. if there seems to be outright hostility, i'll immediately grab the newbie and take zir to a separate room so they don't actually get to fight. i will have a harness on the new cat so i can do this very fast, and preferably without my own blood flowing. i'll also have the separate room ready, and at first the door stays closed so they can only sniff each other underneath the door. these days i don't have much space, and if i had to take in another cat i'd be caging zir if needed.

i've done this a lot, and for the most part cats have worked it out themselves without me having to get involved at all. bacchus and calliope have had the worst long-term enmity -- late neutering leaves toms with lots of surplus testosterone, i guess, and the habits of years of being top cat, but usually this hasn't taken anywhere as long as with those two. here's hoping you won't have to go to leashing and/or caging either; it's really rare in my experience. they are now doing reasonably fine together, and in another month i think i can get stop the nightly caging as well. and hey, leash training, and being used to carriers and cages is useful in any case.


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