4 Dec 2014 02:35 am
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So apparently with my camera and a foldio photo studio box and certain kinds of BOTMO beads I can take photos that look exactly like last-generation CGI. This is completely unprocessed except for a bit of color correction.

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I should be working on processing the photos I took in Alaska, but there are 14,000 of them and mine and the OH's are all mixed together. So instead I went to a shoreline park in Alameda with [livejournal.com profile] bastette_joyce and a new-to-me camera and took these pix of birds, boats, grass, and freighters.

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The free MOOC I'm taking through Coursera:
This format works for me because the course happens over a particular time period, and I had to sign up. Both of those make me feel like I committed to something. So I'm actually working on the course instead of just bookmarking it for later. Also it's free, so I didn't talk myself out of signing up with "This is too far outside my area of knowledge to spend money on." And it's not for any kind of official credit (although supposedly I get a "certificate of completion" at the end) so I don't worry about grades. (Although on the forums for the course a lot of people are worrying about what's on the tests. Maybe that's habit, or maybe they're taking it to fulfill a requirement elsewhere and it matters to them how they do.)

I sometimes use NewEgg to buy tech stuff. I didn't know they were patent law heroes.

Unrelated white people who look alike, especially because they're wearing similar clothes and hairstyles
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I asked Bertha at Size Queen Clothing to make me an Inverness cloak with a purple lining. She did a fabulous job and I love it. Have a look.
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Adapted from a post at [community profile] shutterspeed. If you like taking pictures in response to prompts and sharing them, go join that community! I would love to see more people there.

This week's prompt was "comfort."

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Recently I dug out my pretty-old-by-today's-standards camera (a Pentax Optio S4, which fits into an Altoid's tin) and took myself to the San Francisco Zoo and, on a day with interesting clouds, to Marina Park in Emeryville, which has great views of the bay and three different bridges. Photos are in the San Francisco set on my Flickr page. A couple of my favorites under the cut.
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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] clever_doberman, the OH and I had an opportunity to go to the Monterey Jazz Festival this past weekend.

The Jazz Festival is at the Monterey Fairgrounds. You pay one price to get onto the grounds, where there are usually about half a dozen musical events happening at any one time, as well as dozens of vendor and food booths scattered around. You pay separately to see acts in the Arena. Here's a good article to read to get a sense for it if you haven't been:

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cats in the sun

Pet Charts said: Congratulations, your photo made the Pet Charts for May 18, 2009! Vote it up the charts at: http://petcharts.purina.com/Default.aspx?day=2009-5-18

(I'm using an Attribution-Share Alike license so this is OK with me.)
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I take photos of cats for Peninsula Humane Society's adoptable cat web pages. I usually end up taking a few photos that are too weird or silly to go up on the pages—here's this week's batch.
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Three photos beneath the cut.

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