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Here is the spoileriffic discussion post for Russian Doll! Please feel free to discuss any aspect of it in comments.

If you have not yet seen the show, I highly recommend not spoiling yourself. It's not just that there's twists, it's that the entire show is a process of discovery.
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Hello friend, it is time for porn and I am so excited to see what you will write for me! If you want inspiration beyond this letter I am also [archiveofourown.org profile] kimaracretak, where I have a small but reflective-of-things-I-like set of bookmarks, and kimaracretak on 8tracks if you want #aesthetic musical inspiration.

I've by and large chosen canons I love for their worldbuilding and mytharcs as well as their characters and relationships, and I am easy to please as long as you stay away from my DNWs (both general and canon-specific), so don't feel like you Have to write any of my specific prompts beyond the requested kinks. Don't read anything into relative lengths of sections, I am equally happy to get something for anything in this letter! Some of these prompts are reused from old letters, and if you have written them for me before, rest assured that I loved your fic, I am simply greedy and would like to see every possible take on my favourite scenarios.

I love everything from long plotty missionfic + sex to sex scenes as ways to explore character/setting/worldbuilding to PWP. I've requested favoured tags for these ships, but tbh even if I didn't, anything in my smut likes section is fair game. I don't need a lot of romance in my ships, sex for power, manipulation, or just between friends who want to have fun is also great. Please no unrequested ships unless specifically allowed for, but feel free to combine any compatible ones from my requested ones.

Things what I like;

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Things what I like, smut edition;

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Things what I do not want;

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Fandom-specific info will be up by the time signups close.
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Title: Iron On Her Lips
Fandom: The Ulster Cycle, or Irish mythology
Characters/Pairings: Deirdre/the Morrigan
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 200
Notes: Mention of violence.

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*inarticulate babbling*

22 Feb 2019 01:38 am
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[personal profile] aerialiste trapped in plane limbo somewhere circa Dallas-ish, I am alone in the hotel--ALONE ALL ALONE LIKE A PERSON WHO IS ALONE--and finally watched Magicians ep 5 and HOLY SHIT THAT HAPPENED.


...seriously, this wasn't like--a mass hallucination, right? This happened for realsies in canon and not like...happened?

Yeah, I had a hamburger, bad coffee, and no bottle opener which is super inconvenient and I don't even care because YES.

How Flooding Hurts Businesses

22 Feb 2019 01:24 am
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 Climate change means more frequent floods, which make it impossible to for customers to reach stores on some days -- and the frequency of those days is going up, which runs down the profit.

Thank you for the Panettone!

22 Feb 2019 01:22 am
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One of my lovely fans sent us a panettone.  This is Italian fruitcake: light, sweet bread with bits of real dried fruit, not the candied crud.  :D  It is quite tasty.  We've been slicing it up for desserts. 

intro and WIP fanart

21 Feb 2019 11:10 pm
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Hello! this is my first post on this account. I remade my dreamwidth because I couldn't change the username without paying. I usually post fanfiction and stuff but I'm kind of a general artist who isn't really particularly skilled at anything, so.

Here's a wip.

It's of ZEX from Star Control 2

I love space and sci-fi stuff. Especially star trek and (this is sad) star wars.  Also love Lotr!

Anyways if you're curious about any of my fanfic go here. You'll probably notice how much I love DS9 and garashir I also have a DA here- not much is really posted on it yet. You can also find me on twitter @ratnewt. Aaaaand if you really need to contact me somehow, I'm on reddit too, the acc is called "tricksterratgod" I'm not really active there but I do have the app on my phone because I have a close friend who is.

You can call me Ezri or Rat. You can also call me by anything else if you've known me to go by any other name- except for my dead name. 
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"A scent of lily, a wreath of pine"

The latter half of this is not really a good Coil cover, but I couldn't find Closing circles alone. It's a funeral song of the celebrating a life variety, and I've been reading Wallace Stegner's "Crossing to safety" and listening to this in the past few days, and they're kind of linking together. Amicitia, and the joy of a life.

"Fare thee well, for we won't meet again"

Crossing to safety, by the way, is interesting in how the narrator keeps insisting that the main characters' lives are too quiet, really, to make a proper book, even as he goes through a bunch of episodes people could have easily made very dramatic novels out of. Because drama is not the tone of their lives, as much as a lasting happiness.

I'm still trying to figure that happiness out.

Russian doll: I did it

22 Feb 2019 01:52 am
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I finished Russian Doll and I am E-MO-SHUN-AL, and also I am dying to talk about it, please send help and all your fan theories thank you!!

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I drove (rental car, natch) down to Santa Cruz for a special presentation sponsored by the local film festival, the first (I think) local screening of the long-hatching documentary by Arwen Curry, Worlds of Ursula K. Le Guin. A small but appreciative audience gathered in a hotel ballroom (on the tourist side of town, where I rarely go).

The roughly hour-long film is an impressive mix of Curry's own footage of Le Guin (who was still alive during the film's long gestation), old photos and film clips (including film from Aussiecon showing UKL with [an uncredited] Susan Wood, whom I was especially pleased to see), a staggeringly impressive list of recent interviewees, headlined by Neil Gaiman and Margaret Atwood, and including brief appearances by all three of UKL's children and her husband, and some animations enlivening discussions of her books, notably some impressive rotoscoped oil painting animation for Earthsea.

The flow of the documentary's topics is most impressive, running seamlessly between segments discussing selected works of hers with ones on her personal life and background. She reads a few brief excerpts of her fiction. It begins rather offbeat with a depiction of how science fiction was a literary ghetto in the pulp age, then moves through UKL's early attempts to find a market until she settled in to writing humanistic adventure sf for Don Wollheim; then it jumps to Earthsea before returning to the major early SF. The latest works covered are Tehanu and Always Coming Home, except for her National Book Award speech, though others briefly appear as book covers. The subtlety of the transitions comes in how the segment on Tombs of Atuan follows a personal one on UKL's fondness for the Oregon high desert, whose landscape inspired the Kargish islands; and how another personal segment on the family home in the Napa Valley leads into, of course, Always Coming Home. There's a Berkeley High classroom discussion of "Omelas", with students taking each of the points of view possible in response to that story. The film is too short, but better that than too long. It's a real portrait that shows both what Le Guin did and what makes it both important and great reading.

21 Feb 2019 09:45 pm
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I discovered that my baby does 75-80 mph very well! And that any detour to avoid the grapevine is really long and tedious. Also, that LA traffic is horrible, though I already knew that last one. 11 flipping hours, I’m so exhausted, but here! Escapade yay!
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Title: Be-Leaf Her
Date/prompt: 21-Feb-2019 "broken flower"
Fandom: Galaxy Angel
Characters/pairing: The Angels
Type/word-count: Humor/parody; 200 words
Rating/warnings: Mature for partial nudity and cheesy adult humor.

Be-Leaf Her at AO3

Sidetracks - February 21, 2019

21 Feb 2019 09:32 pm
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Sidetracks is a collaborative project featuring various essays, videos, reviews, or other Internet content that we want to share with each other. All past and current links for the Sidetracks project can be found in our Sidetracks tag. For more links and commentary you can follow us on Twitter, Tumblr. You can also support us on Patreon.

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Tonight I heard Rita Lucarelli lecture on magic and demonology in ancient Egypt. I took so many notes my hand cramped.

I had intended just to listen. I was (am) very tired and had planned just to sit at the back of the free lecture and try not to fall asleep. But then in context of our ideas of magic versus magic in ancient Egypt, she said, "Magic is a god," and I sat up. Magic's name in Egyptian is Heka; she showed a slide of him on the boat of Ra, a rather ordinary-looking male human figure holding the tail of a serpent squiggling in protective waves all around the sun-god as he journeys through the underworld night. Magic is not trickery, blasphemy, a practice against the gods. Magic is an integral part of creation, of maintaining the world. It can be distinguished from religion, just as demons can be distinguished from gods. By humans, it's used for defensive, curative, and transformative purposes, with love-spells serving as a subset of that last; they are considered aggressive magic, forcibly changing a person. But there is no concept of black magic in ancient Egypt, though any spell practiced against the pharaoh can be banned. A magician is not someone secretive and strange but a priest, a doctor, a local scholar. Anyone who deals with the liminal world.

Which is where demons come in. We see them represented side by side with gods, but gods exist in the mythic dimension, it is their work to look out for the living and the dead, they have cults, shrines, are worshipped; demons are appeased. They protect, but they have to be asked to do it. But they are not figures of inherent evil, even though the word we use for them has picked up so many connotations of temptation, punishment etc. in its passage through Christianity from the Greek δαίμων; that is all irrelevant to an Egyptian demon. They don't possess people, either. The closest we get is the language of disease personified as a demon seizing a patient, which anyone who has ever spoken of being knocked on their ass by a cold can comprehend without needing to call in Father Merrin. Lucarelli likened them more to Plato's original definition of daimones, liminal messengers between the mortal world and the divine; she likes Gregor Ahn's term Grenzgänger, which he considers untranslatable and she thinks can be adequately rendered as "boundary-crosser." They do not polarize between good and evil as in ancient Greek religion, however; there is no such thing as an Egyptian agathodaimon. They can be either or neither or both; it can be a meaningless question. Seen in the underworld of the Book of the Dead, they are not devils of hell but guardians, protectors, dangerous only to those who approach them without the right spells. Many-named and nameless, Lucarelli called them; some have snake wands in their hands; one has a duck on his head. There is no one word for what they are.

I could not write fast enough by hand to take down the names of some demons she identified when I was also trying to copy their Egyptian names; the only one I got in full was "Face-downward, numerous of shapes" (sḫd-ḥr, ʿšȝ ir.w). Others translated to "Radiant," "Sad of voice," "One who stretches out his brow." The otherwise human-formed demon with four cobras quirked above his head like interrobangs is known as "He who protects his body," i.e., the body of the deceased: the body that is his to guard. The wooden figurine of a gazelle-headed demon twists as dramatically as a Fosse dancer, an aggressive pose, Lucarelli said; it's part of the same group, crumbling black with plastered linen, as the demon with a turtle for a head. They too are tomb guardians. To address the question of scary rather than protective demons, she called up a criminally cute cartoon of Anubis and the Devourer, whose name now appears to be rendered "Amemet." Certainly she looks like a monster to us, that hulking composite of hippo-crocodile-lion alertly poised ("She's ready to go!") to engulf the heart that drops truth's scales with its weight of sin, but in a culture that represents its gods therianthropomorphically, her hybrid nature is not intrinsically monstrous nor even necessarily ugly. The same goes for the crocodile-vulture demon with snakes in its hands, frightening off the nightmare demons—it's the ones you don't see that you should fear, the ones so bad they are never depicted, only written about, falling from the sky to fasten on the breast of the sleeper. They may be atypically represented in an image of crocodiles swarming a human form, but if so Lucarelli has never seen anything like the iconography again. More often they are the fill-in-the-blank in the oracular formulae of amulets: I/you/we shall keep him/her/NN safe from any kind of evil dead/demon . . . wanderers, disease-bringers, messengers, murderers. They can be subordinated to the goddess Sekhmet. Somewhere in here she introduced us to the headache demon Sehaqeq, scratched in black ink on an ostrakon—his name means "half-head" (shȝḳḳ), migraine. He looks like a young man with his arm flung over his face, as if he is having trouble bearing the light, but he has a tongue growing down his back. I would almost expect to find him in a collection of yōkai, but he's more than three thousand years old. It is still common to demonize illness, Lucarelli noted. Black dogs, brainweasels. It seems to help the patient. I had no idea that was what Tiny Wittgenstein was doing.

There is no formal demonology in ancient Egyptian culture as there is in Judaism. The demons in Mesopotamia seem to lean more toward the evil than the amoral. An incantation bowl is inscribed spiraling inward in Jewish Babylonian Aramaic, an owl-like, bat-like demon at its center; it's Ashmedai, seen a beat later as Asmodeus in Collin de Plancy's nineteenth-century Dictionnaire infernal. (The bowls seem to have functioned as one-way fish-traps, drawing in the demon, containing it from moving around the house under whose threshold it was buried.) An amulet against Lamaštu depicts her trampling a donkey, overseen by her enemy Pazuzu, in nearly the same pose as the infant Horus trampling crocodiles under the approving eye of Bes: they look so similar and mean such different things. Everyone in the ancient world believed in demons, even if not exactly the same kind. It would have been strange only if the ancient Egyptians had not. The last slide was a modern photograph of a gazelle and a lizard hung apotropaically in the grate of a window. Demons and magic are still with us today.

There were questions afterward. Lucarelli pointed the audience toward the websites she's involved with: the interactive Book of the Dead in 3D, the snazzily named Demon Things. I tried not to mourn how badly my fast-penciled handwriting has disintegrated in the thirteen years since I was using it on the regular. The professor who had introduced the lecture wished everyone well on their way, safely protected by the right demons. I couldn't help noticing as I came home in the slushy black ice that I didn't have to wait for a bus once.

Caught up in organizing

21 Feb 2019 09:12 pm
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I repotted a plant, reorganized the garden window, rearranged the cozy corner to add a beanbag, put some books on shelves, and continued dismantling and repurposing a very battered free dresser. I did not go to either of two events I vaguely meant to go to, but I did make my apartment feel homier and livelier in several ways. I’m mildly concerned about self-isolating choices, though I did have a good conversation or two with coworkers today, but I will absolutely do a People Thing or two this weekend. Ironically I did not yet repot the one plant I actually got this week, a basil plant; but the little pine tree looks much happier in a big pot with more soil and twigs and compost and moss.
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Posted by Associated Press

As authorities laid out their case against "Empire" actor Jussie Smollett, the narrative that emerged sounded like that of a filmmaker who wrote, cast, directed and starred in a short movie.
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We're now 3 years out from the Agent Carter cancellation, and I have written A LOT for it, mostly post-S2 continuation stories, and I'm starting to run into the problem of feeling like I've already "been there, done that" when it comes to writing new takes on all the major post-canon stuff (the shooting at the end of S2, the founding of SHIELD, etc). It feels like, whenever I go to write something new, I'm essentially having to reinvent the wheel in order to tell the story I want to tell - e.g. I have to go through describing some of the same things in order to get to the new stuff. And yes, I realize that springboarding off an existing story is always possible, but I have stories all along the several years post-S2, none of which are in continuity with each other. I would love to have an actual continuity for this and be able to just jump into that anywhere and write new stories in it.

So then with Iron Fist, I'm in exactly the same position as with AC - a fairly short-lived show that is now cancelled and ended with a number of unanswered questions and jumping-off points for fanfic. So THIS time I decided that I'd do what I wished I'd done with AC and put the stories in continuity with each other.

... so now I have a bunch of new problems. XD

All of this is going under a cut because it's spoilery for the end of S2 and also generally navel-gazey.

Rambling )

Not really sure what the point is of all of this, if anything. I'm mostly just thinking out loud while trying to figure out which stories actually work with this continuity and which ones don't.

21 Feb 2019 10:01 pm
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I've been working at the same place for 15 years.
Do I even bother with mentioning previous employment when I'm updating my resume? Especially since the jobs I was doing then largely don't even exist anymore?
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Here is your discussion post for Discovery 2x06: "The Sound of Thunder." As always, expect to see spoilers for this episode and all episodes prior in the comments (including, in this case, the short "The Brightest Star").

Operation Fusion Pants Update

21 Feb 2019 09:59 pm
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A pair of bicolored jeans

Fusion Jeans progress! I have successfully attached two panels (of four) from the lighter colored jeans to the sides of the darker colored jeans. I also hemmed the bottom of the darker colored jeans, since they were originally much longer.

The resulting jeans fit! They sit quite low on my hips, though, so I'm planning to take the remaining light-colored panels and make a waist extension; I already picked up some jeans buttons from the craft store to finish things out.

Since the light colored panels "migrate" more up front when worn, I also bought a couple of paint stencils to put a design on them. I think if they're more visually interesting, they'll look less... out of place? I may also re-hem the bottoms to even them out, but I don't have as much wiggle room there as I might like, so I may wait and see how the slightly uneven edge looks first.

Anyway, they're mostly done, and currently wearable, but I want to finish out a few things to make them 100%.

Smut Swap 2019

21 Feb 2019 09:53 pm
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Dearest smuttographer,

Be gentle! This letter is under construction!

21 Feb 2019 09:57 pm
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Last month I reread Nnedi Okorafor's Akata Witch for book club, and then I remembered that Akata Warrior was out now so I read that too, and it turns out it is (imo) a better book than Akata Witch which is already pretty fun.

Akata Witch introduces Sunny Nwazue, an albino Nigerian-American adolescent who discovers after moving back to Nigeria that she's part of a parallel magical society known as Leopard People. The story follows some fairly standard beats - Bullied Kid Discovers She's Secretly Magic, Makes Team of Magic Friends, Plays Magic Sports, Finds Magic Mentor, Defeats Magic Evil. It also follows some non-standard beats; for example, when Sunny finds a guidebook on How To Navigate Magic Land As An Outsider With Non-Magic Parents -- a guidebook which provides both Sunny and the reader a lot of helpful worldbuilding information -- she learns several chapters later about all the prejudices held by the guidebook's author that means everything within it has to be taken with a grain of salt. Nnedi Okorafor's interest in biased narrators and unreliable texts is something I consistently appreciate about her.

Akata Warrior is better, or at least more interesting to me, because it engages a lot more with Sunny's non-magical family (whom she's not allowed to tell about her magic powers) and the in-between-ness of her attempts to live with one foot in each world. In particular I am REALLY FOND of her stupid jock oldest brother, who gets into stupid jock trouble at college from which Sunny has to rescue him -- I love sibling stories in pretty much every configuration, but 'little sister rescues dumb older brother from his own own stupidity' is not a situation I feel like I see particularly often in fiction, and it is both refreshing and delightful.


...and then Sunny and her friends defeat some more magic evil, in a magic battle that's a bit cooler than the magic battle in the last book and also features the gang making friends with an asshole flying animal companion, which is all good but honestly the squabbling magical road trip is a thousand percent what I'm here for.

(I am less thrilled about the endless love triangle between Sunny's brother and her friends Chichi and Sasha (the brilliant hothead members of the party), but on the other hand Sunny is ALSO so annoyed by it all the time that it makes her a very relatable narrator?)
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Well, _this_ is interesting.

There's this whole movement of Lovecraft reclamation, including Matt Ruff's _Lovecraft Country_, Kij Johnson's _The Dream-Quest of Vellit Boe_ ... and this.

Lavalle, an African-American, has taken the most notoriously racist of all Lovecraft's stories, "The Horror at Red Hook," and overlaid it with something completely different.

The first half of the book is told from the (third-person) point of view of Tommy Tester, a Harlem busker and conman. As the story opens, he delivers a damaged copy of "The Supreme Alphabet" to a mysterious not-exactly-a-woman calling herself Ma Att - a reference, not to the phone company, but the Egyptian goddess of truth and justice. Tommy is hired by a rich white man named Suydam to play guitar at one of his parties in Queens. Suydam proves to be a student of mystic stuff like, well, the Supreme Alphabet; and speaks of a "Sleeping King" who lives under the ocean and has a name Tommy doesn't catch. Suydam is also being watched by a private detective named Howard, and a police officer named Malone who knows a bit about mystic stuff, at the behest of his family, who want to control his fortune.

On returning from the party, where some really lowlife (and "ethnic") people agree to join Suydam in his mystical quest for power, Tommy finds his father murdered by the detective Howard. Since Howard is white and Tester was black, Howard's story is believed and he is let go without arrest or penalty. This drives Tommy into Suydam's arms, where he becomes "Black Tom," Suydam's second in command.

The rest of the story (except for a coda) is told from Malone's PoV, and more or less follows the plot of "Red Hook," except for the climax ... which nonetheless is reconciled to the Lovecraft story by the time the story ends. (The single most important element of Lovecraft's original which Lavalle omits entirely is Suydam's marriage and its aftermath.)

This is without question a better piece of fiction than Lovecraft's original; but could not have existed without it, nor can it have its full impact except in dialog with it. This is its greatest weakness. The other neoLovecraftian tales I mentioned above can stand on their own. While this one can, it is a fairly ordinary tale of urban horror without that context.

*sends up a flare*

21 Feb 2019 07:26 pm
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Dear internets: I am 100% fine I am just writing A LOT for work right now (this is actually very good, we did a thing and it's probably a big deal? so I do actually have to get off my ass and publish except I'm a single mom with a demanding job so finding writing time when I'm not, like, stressing about stupid shit and can therefore focus enough to Do A Science is super hard) and also doing a heavy editorial pass on a massive document that WAS getting written by someone who turned out to be fairly bad at writing and much worse at taking editorial feedback and has thus been pulled off the project. Which means my boss went back through the document and everywhere I'd left friendly little margin notes about how the writer needed to clarify the legal context here or explain the process better there, she's left little response notes saying things like, "Great idea! Write it!"

Okay, boss, okay, just because I'm on the far side of about 6,000 words worth of technical writing in the last week is no reason I can't also unfuck this document, you're right that this is my actual wheelhouse, okay, yes. Off I go.

So I am kind of running short on words!

Also one of my cousins was a butt about something on FB and I had one of those if I stick around these here internets I am going to light things on fire moments.

Since this does not actually constitute healthy self-care, I set the computer down Friday night before I said something regrettable and holed up and did work stuff and made curry and read novels and visited with friends for a week instead.

Anyhow: I am almost caught up on the October Daye novels (I was about four or five behind and yes I still find the entire Irish Elves On The West Coast thing conceptually troubling but they don't require much mental processing power, which is good when that's not a thing I have going spare) and I read the new P. Djeli Clark novella about the haunted tram car in Cairo (recommended) and reread The Forgotten Beasts of Eld (how was she already THAT GOOD when she had just started? sheeyit) and some of the bullet journal method book (wow it wasn't formatted well for ebook) and a book about interpreting natural signs and...oh, probably some other stuff, too.

The city has mostly thawed out, we have these vile heaps of sooty snow sitting around in the gutters but with any luck that'll be gone by the weekend. Oh February.
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Yesterday I wound up with a case of literary whiplash so bad I'm still feeling it.

I was reading an Ask Polly column, as one does, and off on the little sidebar were a few links.  Most-viewed stories.  It looked like a mix of gossip, literary essay, longform journalism.  The things you see in a normal digital clone of New Yorker.  One of them was titled "The Mom Who Has Sex With Her Husband Every Night."

Oh, I thought.  A short story.

It was odd.  The tone was perfect--very The Arrangements--as it explored the narrow confines of an alienated upper-class housewife, but none of the points it was making panned out, or if they did the critique was oblique at best.

I had, of course, missed the tastefully small "Sex Diaries" series breadcrumb at the top of the post.  It didn't drop until the end of the--unsatisfying! lacking in denouement! thematically muddied!--entry that this was an actual person's anonymously submitted account of their actual life.

A person had written this about themselves and then sent it in as nonfiction.  I'm still seesawing back and forth between "This person submitted a work of fiction in the hopes of getting it published and just lied about it." and "This person.  Exists?  At least one of them might have genuinely done this?".  My brain has fallen into a hole and can't get itself out.

Stuff I'm reading

21 Feb 2019 09:04 pm
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I finished re-reading Le Carre's Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy the other day, and I'm currently working my way through Ben's Macintyre's A Spy Among Friends and Miranda Carter's Anthony Blunt: His Lives, both of which are very interesting.

This is partially for the Atomic Blonde and TTSS fic I'm working on. As a side note: I suspect Bill Haydon's character (considering his interest in art) may have been partially based on Blunt, as well as Philby.

☕ Tea Time 2019

22 Feb 2019 03:01 am
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As I’m down to my last tin of tea, other than my large tin of Iranian Ceylon, it is time to do another tea order. My previous order was in May 2017, and before that in July 2015, in November 2013, and in April 2012,  so it is just about a 2 year cycle. Again, the bulk of the order is from Upton Tea (who has great varietals), except for teas that they are out of. Here’s what I’m ordering this time (as before, teas shown with ✨ are new this year (the addition of ⑰ indicates new due to updates at Upton); ☕⑰ indicates teas first ordered in 2017; ☕⑮ teas first ordered in 2015; ☕⑬ indicates teas first ordered in 2013; and ☕⑫ teas first ordered in 2012; further ☕ indicates black teas, and 🍵 indicates green teas; and (2017 Price)):

  1. TD50: No.1 Tippy Orthodox GFOP Darjeeling. ☕⑬. An exceptional golden tip Darjeeling blend. We first introduced this tea in 1990 and it continues to be our most popular Darjeeling. $10.25 ($9.75) / 125g.
  2. TA20: Tippy Orthodox FBOP Assam. ☕⑰ A uniform, broken-leaf tea with bold character and strong, malty flavor. This tea is a great choice for breakfast and throughout the day. $7.00 ($6.50) / 100g.
  3. TA27: Halmari CTC BOP. ☕⑰ A bold CTC style tea with rich flavor. The dark liquor will readily take milk. Especially suited as a bracing morning tea. $6.75 ($6.25) / 125g.
  4. TN10: Nilgiri Broken Orange Pekoe.  ☕⑬. Located in southern India, Nilgiri produces teas similar to those of Ceylon, yet with a distinctive character. This British style Nilgiri produces a flavorful cup that is excellent with milk. ($4.00 ($6.402013/ 100g (125g2013))
  5. TP12: Premium China Keemun. ☕⑮ Often called the burgundy of China teas, this North China Congou is rich, flavorful and appropriate for any time of day. We offer this as our basic Keemun, although it is in the middle range of the standard series. $7.00 ($6.50) / 125g.
  6. ZG20: First Grade Gunpowder Green. 🍵⑫ Superior grade of green tea in the style of gunpowder teas (tightly rolled tea leaves resembling gunpowder pellets). $5.75/125g.
  7. ZG14: Young Hyson Imperial Organic. 🍵⑮ This organic tea has the bold flavor of a high-fired tea, yet it has a pleasing smoothness with delicate sweetness. The thin, well-twisted leaves produce a liquor with a pale green color. This is a very popular style of China green tea with a bolder leaf. $6.50 ($6.00) / 100g.
  8. ZO20: Roasted Oolong. ✨☕. This tea begins as a classic, medium-oxidized Tie-Guan-Yin Oolong, processed in the traditional style. It is finished and cured with a slow firing in bamboo baskets over a charcoal fire. The result is a tea with smooth, rich and inviting character. $6.25 / 125g.
  9. TB49: Darjeeling-Ceylon Iced Tea Blend. ☕⑫ Half whole-leaf Darjeeling and half OP Ceylon. A great hot tea as well! The brewing information provided is for making an iced tea concentrate. $7.50 ($7.00) / 125g.
  10. TB15: Java Blend. ☕⑬ A rich breakfast blend especially suited for those who enjoy a powerful cup in the morning. This also is a great choice for iced tea. Java teas are never expensive, so you get the best produced for a few cents a cup. $6.25 ($5.75) / 125g.
  11. TK12: Rukeri Estate Rwanda BOP Organic. ☕⑰  The cup has a full flavor and aroma, with a medium body. May be enjoyed plain, but it is strong enough to accommodate a touch of milk. Longer steepings yield a robust cup with notes of rose and peppery hints. At briefer steepings, the liquor is sweeter and more delicate. $7.00 ($6.50) / 125g.
  12. TC32: Kandy OP. ✨☕⑬. A whole-leaf Ceylon tea of excellent flavor and good color. Highly recommended for the Ceylon enthusiast. This is a new bolder leaf version of this popular selection. $7.75 / 100g. ($5.70 in 2013)
  13. TC52: Somerset Estate BOP Breakfast Blend. ✨☕ A perfect choice for breakfast tea, this broken-leaf selection wakes you up with its brisk, refreshing aroma. Notes of honey and a light floral hint blend harmoniously with a rich, toasty character. $5.00 / 100g.
  14. TC05: Ceylon BOP (Broken Orange Pekoe). ☕⑮  A choice blend of regional Ceylons. $6.50 ($6.00) / 125g.
  15. TB02: Leadenhall Street Breakfast Blend. ☕⑮  A tribute to the famous London tea auctions, our Leadenhall Street Breakfast Blend is a blend of two classic British teas: a brisk Ceylon and a thick, malty Assam. The result is a flavorful mixture which lends itself to the addition of milk. $7.00 ($6.50) / 125g.
  16. TB05: Mincing Lane Breakfast Blend. ☕⑫ For this blend, we paired a hearty Assam with a smooth and flavorful Yunnan, for a cup that is highly enjoyable. The invigorating liquor has a full mouth feel, subtle spicy notes, and a lingering aftertaste. While milk is recommended, it is enjoyable plain. $9.25 ($8.75) / 125g.
  17. TB14: Scottish Breakfast Blend. ☕⑮  Blended to appeal to those who favor an eye-opening experience in the morning, this tea yields a cup with a round, full flavor, malty notes, and brisk character. A perfect choice to start the day. $6.75 ($6.25) / 125g.
  18. TB30: Kensington Breakfast Blend. ☕⑰  A bit lighter than our River Shannon Blend, this English Breakfast style tea is a rich blend of Assam, Ceylon, and Keemun. Best with milk. $7.50 ($7.00) / 125g
  19. TB75: Baker Street Afternoon Blend. ☕⑮  A bit of Lapsang Souchong is blended with Keemun and Darjeeling, yielding a mildly smoky tea. Perfect for an afternoon uplift. Another special (whole-leaf) blend from our London source of fine teas. $8.75 ($8.25) / 125g.
  20. TB86: Richmond Park Blend. ☕⑮  A mellow, whole-leaf blend of Keemun, Ceylon, and Darjeeling. An exceptional tea which is smooth enough for drinking plain, and sturdy enough to take milk or lemon. From our London blender. $8.75 ($8.25) /125g.
  21. NT01 Naturally Flavored Earl Grey Creme Vanilla. ✨☕  This naturally flavored black tea selection provides a wonderful balance of a classic Earl Grey with creamy vanilla notes. The rich cup is smooth and satisfying. $9.00 / 100g. This is the replacement for the Monk’s Blend I used to order.
  22. TE92 Naturally Flavored Almond Vanilla Delight. ✨☕ This naturally flavored black tea produces a dark copper liquor fragrant with notes of vanilla and a hint of marzipan. A lovely sweetness envelops the almond vanilla notes, finishing with a hint of spice. Add your choice of milk to create a delicious latte, hot or iced. $5.50 / 125g.
  23. TF92 Naturally Flavored Tropical Black Tea. ✨☕  A melange of dried papaya, passion fruit and pineapple, blended with a rich black tea, creates a decadent tropical fruit experience. Fragrant and sweet, this tea is wonderful hot or iced. $7.25 / 125g. This is my fruit-blend selection for this order.
  24. NF90 Naturally Flavored Vanilla Tea. ✨☕⑰ This naturally flavored, whole-leaf black tea is smooth and rich with creamy vanilla flavor. The aroma is fragrant with notes of sweet vanilla bean. Enjoy this decadent treat any time of day. $10.50 / 100g. This replaces the previously non-artificially flavored version.
  25. NT85 Naturally Flavored Creme Caramel Tea. ✨☕⑰  Small caramel pieces are added to a black tea base, giving this naturally flavored selection a sweet creamy fragrance and rich caramel flavor. Enjoyable hot or iced, savor this delicious blend any time of day. This product contains dairy. $9.50 / 100g. This replaces the previously non-artificially flavored version.
  26.  TD06: Darjeeling BOP Blend. ☕⑰ The best value in Darjeeling tea. Broken leaf Darjeeling is often overlooked, either because the price is so reasonable or because too much value is placed on a more stylish leaf. This flavorful BOP blend offers a great cup at a very attractive price. $12.75 ($8.25) / 125g.

Additionally, I ordered the following for my wife:

  1. ZG30: Special Grade Temple of Heaven Gunpowder Green. ✨🍵.  This high-grade Gunpowder tea is rich and full-bodied with a pronounced sweetness. A hint of tobacco complements the herbaceous flavor and lingers into the finish. $6.00/125g.
  2. ZJ41: Chung-Hao Special Grade Jasmine. ✨☕. Chung-Hao Jasmine belongs to the same series of China Jasmine tea as Yin-Hao, but is less expensive. Delicate silver tips adorn the well-made leaves, producing a light, refreshing cup redolent with the heady fragrance of jasmine blossoms. A rich sweetness blooms and lingers into the finish. [May be out of stock – if so, substitute TP70 China Jasmine, $6.50/125g]
  3. NT90: Naturally Flavored Christmas Tea.  ✨☕⑰. This naturally flavored black tea is decorated with orange peels, almonds, cloves, cardamom, vanilla and rose petals. A sweet cinnamon aroma with a light floral hint introduces a flavorful cup with notes of citrus and spice. The finish is smooth and lingering. The perfect treat for those festive occasions. This product contains tree nuts (almonds). $9.50 / 125g. This replaces the previously non-artificially flavored version.
  4. NT94D Naturally Flavored Melange de Chamonix.  ✨☕⑰. Fine black tea is blended with cocoa, cardamom and cinnamon to produce a balanced and warming cup. This naturally flavored selection offers a decadent treat for any chocolate or tea lover. This replaces the previously non-artificially flavored version. $20.00 / 250g.
  5. TG11D Green Tea Blueberry. ✨🍵. Dried blueberries and natural flavoring complement the smooth China green tea base, yielding a pale gold liquor with refreshing blueberry notes and a crisp, clean finish. This well-balanced blend tastes delicious hot or iced! $9.50 / 200g.
  6. TX30D Decaffinated Masala Chai. ✨☕ A wonderful blend of warming spices – ginger, cinnamon, cloves and black pepper – complements the rich flavor of this CO2 decaffeinated black tea selection. Great hot or iced. $24.75 / 250g.
  7. BH45D Organic Spearmint. ✨☕  A select lot of our organic, coarse cut spearmint (formerly BH43). Great for blending with green tea or steeping alone as a refreshing, caffeine-free beverage. $9.75 / 100g.

For reference, here are some links to even older tea orders: 2012 (Franklin Tea (which, alas, closed in 2015), Stash Tea, Upton Tea), 2011 (Franklin Tea, Stash Tea), 2010 (Special Teas (which was owned by, and later merged into, Teavana, and of course Teavana was later purchased by Starbucks), Stash Tea, Franklin Tea), 2009 (Stash Tea), 2008 (Franklin Tea, Stash Tea, Surfas, Lupicia, Teavana), 2007 (Stash Tea), 2006 #2 (Stash Tea), 2006 #1 (Stash Tea, Adagio Tea), and 2004 (Stash Tea).


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Wildlife Escape Routes

21 Feb 2019 08:58 pm
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 Riparian zones provide escape routes for wildlife threatened by climate change, making these key areas for protection.

21 Feb 2019 06:49 pm
dark_phoenix54: (simons cat)
[personal profile] dark_phoenix54
Sunny today and beautiful with all that sun on the clean snow. I actually got off my ass and did somethings the last couple of days. Highlight of the day was when I went to put Natasha's food bowl up on the close shelf (she spends a lot of time up on the shelves lately; if she's up there, I go ahead and feed her there) I lost my balance, grabbed the closet rod, and tore the cup end that holds the rod right out of the wall. So now I have to take everything off the rod and secure the cup again. That'll be a treat.

Sylvester spent last night on the bed. That's new. Norris wasn't thrilled with that, since that's HIS spot at night. Hopefully they can figure out that the bed holds more than one cat. Without pushing *us* off the bed!
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Hawkins, Indiana, 1983. A young boy vanishes one night, opening an investigation into the strange happenings around the town, including the appearance of a girl with psychokinetic abilities. The nearby Hawkins National Laboratory ostensibly performs scientific research, but actually investigates paranormal phenomena. What secrets will the townsfolk uncover, and what creatures will they bring back into this dimension?


Are you a fan of watching realistically brave kids have significant on screen time? Or just nostalgic for an 80s mystery? Check out creators' offers in this fandom:

  • HobbitSpaceCase is offering fanfiction for ratings E (explicit) and below. You can find their portfolio here!
  • Ellstra is offering fanfiction for ratings E (explicit) and below. You can find their portfolio here!
  • Bachaboska is offering video for ratings M (mature) and below. You can find their portfolio here!
  • Lollercakes is offering fanfiction for ratings E (explicit) and below. You can find their portfolio here!
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If these didn’t take your fancy, there are 78 other offers that might – we have creators who are offering fic, art, and fan labor (betaing, translation, etc.) for absolutely any fandom you choose. Find them in the Fandom: Any tag! (As a reminder: it’s always a good idea to communicate with a creator before bidding if you have specific ideas about what you want).

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Planting Trees

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 ... would reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  That's great.  But it's more important to protect the ones we already have, as older forests are more valuable for carbon storage.

Book Help

21 Feb 2019 09:08 pm
[personal profile] jen_fuqua posting in [community profile] findthatbook
Hello, I am trying to figure out what book this is that I remember. It's a historical romance- maybe by Cassie Edwards? And there are spoilers for the story in my description, just a warning.

The main plot centers around a Native American (chief, I believe), his two wives, and a white woman that he wishes to make his third wife. In regards to his two wives, both are Native American and one of them is pregnant and -spoiler alert- it is revealed after she is murdered that the baby was not her husband's but actually a child conceived with a close friend of his. The man she had the affair with lets it slip while holding her dead body and babbling about it right in front of her husband. The other wife was vicious to the pregnant wife, getting banished after she cut off the pregnant wife's braids, and I believe that she wound up prisoner to some evil white guy that wanted the white woman. As for the white woman, she was not happy about the Native American already having two wives and wanting to make her the third, though the Native American conceded to her wishes enough to start work on a separate home for her so she wouldn't have to share with his other wives. She did try being nice to the pregnant wife, though the pregnant wife pouted and sulked about her husband's plan to marry the white woman. At the end of the book, the white woman is the only wife and the Native American man agreed not to marry anyone else.

If anyone knows what book this is, please let me know ; ; I have been trying to find it for months with little success.

21 Feb 2019 07:54 pm
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brief update:

1. student teaching is mostly going well although i have one period who just will NOT do the reading and it's extremely frustrating...they mostly come from this totally garbage middle school where no one learns anything and they CERTAINLY don't have homework. so it's...challenging. the period that was ASTOUNDINGLY bad last week has been better this week, though, so that's nice. also for the periods that are reading the giver, we're FINALLY getting into the meat of the book after nine prefatory chapters, so i hope they'll be more into it from now on. it's only three weeks until the big baby-killing reveal so i'm VERY excited. (sorry for spoilers if you never read the giver but it did come out 26 years ago so like, where have you been)

2. i am VERY EXCITED for recent developments on the magicians, which i will NOT spoil, and i haven't actually watched any of this season yet bc i was sad about eliot being possessed but OH BOY i'm gonna remedy that tomorrow night. if you also know of the very momentous things that happen in the latest episode please feel free to comment with your own incoherent excitement!
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[personal profile] jesse_the_k posted: Markdown Simplifies Formatting Your DW Posts

Markdown is a minimal way to format your text. The goal is to use "natural" formats, similar to email. Software that understands Markdown translates it to HTML. Markdown is much easier--and more forgiving--than HTML. This post has the markdown you'll use the most.

[personal profile] jesse_the_k posted: Easier Dreamwidth Posts with Markdown: the sequel

This sequel covers the rest of Dreamwidth’s Markdown support.
  • Paragraphs and line breaks
  • Blockquotes
  • Headings
  • Reference links
  • Images
  • Ignoring Markdown commands


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