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This is my "Obsessive" icon. I've been playing an iThing game (also available for Android) called "Trainyard." There's a free version (Trainyard Express). Both contain hours worth of puzzles and tutorials that make it easy to learn. You can also post your solutions on the web.
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So here's what I want.
An ebook reader app.
  • It works on both the iPod/iPad and Android smartphone.
  • It stores books and bookmarks in the cloud so when I open the book on a different device, it remembers where I was.
  • It also stores books and bookmarks locally so I don't need to have wireless access to use it.
  • It lets me upload and store DRMed and non-DRMed epub format books.
Here's where my research has gotten me so far. These apps meet all the criteria except the one listed.
  • Bluefire: Doesn't store bookmark data online.
  • Google Books: Can't upload your own books, as far as I know.
  • Kobo: Stores bookmark data online for books you get through its store, but not for books you upload.
Do you know any apps that fit all the criteria?


18 Oct 2011 05:15 pm
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A mysterious stranger sent me a cool Totoro i-Thing pouch all the way from Thailand. See!

totoro gadget pouch

Thank you mysterious stranger!
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I am the somewhat dubious owner of a new iPod Touch. Where should I go to get recommendations about apps? The App Store is overwhelming.


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