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What if people walked around in real life with their theme music playing, the way it works in TV, movies, and (especially) operas?
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(I'm from Michigan. Although I haven't seen snow in about 25 years, so I'd probably be bartering monogrammed yoga mats for a slice of cauliflower pizza, just like the Seattleites depicted in this here Twitter thread.)

"I've never witnessed anything quite like Seattle grocery stores when locals are preparing to brave 4-5 inches of snow."
"Oh no. They've started looting. People running out of stores with armfuls of Yerba Mate tea."
"Wild packs of Goldendoodles are roaming the streets."
"I've been afraid to admit I'm originally from Minnesota. I'm too timid to lead the survivors."
"Why, just now I witnessed a young man letting several others huddle inside his beard for warmth."

6 Feb 2019 03:57 am
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"It may be that your whole purpose in life is simply to serve as a pillow to others."
— something the person I live with said to me, while their head and our cat were both lying on my tummy

5 Feb 2019 10:28 am
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In some alternate universe where time machines were invented, Philip K. Dick retroactively received royalties for all the films made out of his stories.

3 Feb 2019 11:31 am
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Eggs! People who can verbally enumerate a numbered list! Cooking with plumbing supplies! 10 minutes, captioned (properly captioned, not via that YouTube mondegreen generator).


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