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I can't even begin to describe how brilliant this is. I really hope you go read the whole thing.
"Disease Is Not A Metaphor" by Cyree Jarelle Johnson

Disease is not a metaphor for some crude and unnamed other. Disease is not capitalism, nor is it communism. Disease is not anarchy, nor is it the threat of anarchy. Except for when the body is chaotic and unknowable. Disease is not a virus in the system. Disease is not the body, not the whole, but a part. Disease is not a test from god. Disease is not a fiery furnace, a wall to climb over, a home to be lifted out of by rope. Disease is not a battle to be won or lost in death. Disease is not a metaphor. Disease is not hyperbole. Disease is neither metonym nor synonym. Disease is a condition of the body. Disease is a visitor. Disease is a backseat driver who climbs up front and takes the wheel.
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And she writes about it brilliantly, as she writes about so many things.

Excerpt (but this isn't the best part. Go read the whole thing. And definitely read the poem she uses as a frame):
Americans believe strongly in positive thinking. Positive thinking is great. It works best when based on a realistic assessment and acceptance of the actual situation. Positive thinking founded on denial may not be so great. (Like, look at Lance Armstrong.)

Everybody who gets old has to assess their ever-changing but seldom improving situation and make of it what they can. I think most old people accept the fact that they’re old — I’ve never heard anybody over eighty say “I’m not old.” And they make the best of it. As the saying goes: Consider the alternative!

A lot of younger people, seeing the reality of old age as entirely negative, see acceptance of age as negative. Wanting to deal with old people in a positive spirit, they’re led to deny old people their reality.
(via Body Impolitic)
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Superb takedown of the "obesity epidemic". Putting it here mainly so I can find it later.

"The epidemiology of overweight and obesity: public health crisis or moral panic?" by Paul Campos, Abigail Saguy, Paul Ernsberger, Eric Oliver and Glenn Gaesser

(Their answer: moral panic)

Excerpts:Read more... )
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Jon Robison is RLLY SMRT.

the HAES® files: HEALTH—A Holistic, Species-Specific Definition by Jon Robison, PhD, who says:
Living skillfully and compassionately with our inevitable struggles, rather than perpetually searching for the latest holy grail of “optimal health” may come closer to what it truly means to be healthy. Furthermore, the constant pressure to strive for this unreachable perfection; the quest for the perfect body, the perfect diet, the perfect exercise program, the perfect risk factors, behaviors, etc. set us up for almost inevitable frustration and failure.

He also posts the Food for Thought Pyramid (jpg), which I think I've posted before, but it's something that people probably ought to be exposed to at least as often as the other "Food Pyramid."
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via [personal profile] supergee

This is brilliant. I'm mostly saving it for my own later use, but I also wanted to share it.

"21 Things to Stop Saying Unless You Hate Fat People"

(If I were writing the article I would rephrase that to "...unless you want to contribute to hatred and discrimination against fat people." I know, I know, that doesn't pack the same rhetorical punch.)

1. Trigger warning for comments -- they might discuss examples of fat hatred.
2. I am instituting rules for the comments of this post. Do not promote any of the things listed as fat-hating. Also do not quibble about whether items on the list count as promoting fat hatred. You might well want to quibble, because even I don't agree with all of items, but please do it somewhere other than in comments to this entry. I'm going to delete comments that don't follow the rules. If I delete your comment, it doesn't mean I hate you.


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