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This is a Tumblr with photos of people of various sizes (mostly fat) holding signs that say "I need fat acceptance because..." along with their reason.

The project took place at NOLOSE this past weekend.

It's making me cry.
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My friend [personal profile] serene has a wonderful ear for words, which she uses to select work for her fine publication, 42 Magazine. I won't deny I am saying that in part because she likes to publish my poetry. :) But words from every page of the latest issue of 42 Magazine pounced on me as I turned the pages.

"Before Kaveri started to die she lived briefly like a flowering cactus, all thorns and ablaze with colors." ("One Step One Step and a Limp," Smriti Ravindra)

"I must insist on appropriate attire for dinner," Whistler's mother clucked. ("Inside Out," Hall Jameson)

"After he ate salad your father was coaxed out of the kitchen and into a van by a preacher named Rodney." ("Things that Came Out of the Kitchen," Grace Maselli)

"'pretty' is a word you can hit with a stone to watch it crumple and tear" ("The Wasp Garden," Story Boyle)

"A billboard pasted to the window read, 'Every book ever published in stock.'" ("Bibliopolis," Frank Roger)

"The house is quiet but never silent." ("Nothing Here Can Wash Away," Amanda England)

"Fragrant as a bee's buzz." ("Lemonovember," Daniel Ari)

"She reaches out—a slash of arm through air—and misses her target." ("Four Minutes," Jennifer Stern)

"The fog rests on the asphalt, our houses a collection of gables and shingles in the Savannah mist." ("Betty's Branch," Linda Heuring)

"Her bones would probably crunch like a cricket shell
but I doubt her marrow could be as silvery" ("Cosmovore Meets Her Antithesis," Kristi Carter)

"Theresa wanders into the swamplands in her dreams. Sometimes she is on a bicycle" ("Notes on a Father," Jenny Maloney)
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I'm not crazy about the title of this article ("The Upside of Ugly"). It talks about a girl who was bullied for her looks, and whose cosmetic surgery was funded by a nonprofit organization that helps children with facial deformities. There's a before and after picture of her. In the before picture, her ears stick out and in the after picture, they don't.

I feel angry about this, but I think it's misdirection to feel angry at the girl for wanting the surgery or her mother for seeking it or the organization for funding it. I am angry that my society promotes the idea that the girl in the before picture is "ugly" and the idea that the best way to address bullying is to change the traits that are the target for bullying.

I somewhat like this quote:
There may be a bit of head-shaking over young girls going to drastic measures to feel beautiful, but we never seem to question the idea that feeling beautiful is a worthy goal in the first place. We should tell girls the truth: “Beautiful” is bullshit, a standard created to make women into good consumers, too busy wallowing in self-loathing to notice that we’re second class citizens.

Girls don't need more self-esteem or feel-good mantras about loving themselves—what they need is a serious dose of righteous anger. But instead of teaching young women to recognize and utilize their very justifiable rage, we tell them to smile and love themselves.
However, I don't agree with the "one-true-wayism" of the quote. I think it's fine to have "beauty" as an interest or hobby. Where I do agree with the quote is that I think pursuing beauty should not be a requirement.

I feel like I'm swimming upstream though. I fear that most people and societies will always rank attractiveness and will always be more accommodating to people who are perceived as more attractive.

(And just to completely negate everything I wrote other than the penultimate paragraph: I think the girl in the before picture is more attractive.)
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Max Airborne shares her experience at the Oakland General Strike. Her group did meditation in front of a Chase bank branch and some of them gave away money.


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