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The Kiva microloan charity organization lets individuals lend money to individuals or small groups in areas like Africa and Asia via the Internet. You don't get interest on the loan, but it is repaid to you, and you can either lend it out again or withdraw it.

Kiva initially repaid lenders at the end of the loan term (typically 10 months to 18 months), but they've just changed their policy so that they repay lenders each time the loan recipient pays an installment (typically once a month). So you can get your money back faster.

I just went online to lend out my accumulated "Kiva credit." A lot of other people were doing the same thing, presumably because of this change in policy. I was refreshing the pages of several loan requests and watching the "amount still needed" drop every minute.

It is cool to watch people trying to help other people.

My lender page:
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Get yourself a free copy of the new 'zine Big Bums here:

Heads drawn back onto headless fatty photos
Positive Fattributes comic
Obesity Epidemic random story generator
Make your own Ticking Time Bomb of Obesity costume
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....go to, click artists, click Chris Campbell, and enjoy.

Since I like all four, I'm enjoying a lot. Some of my favorites: "Summer Heat," "Cat Fight," "Floating Flower"

(via BBW Art: The Broad Band via [ profile] liveavatar)


8 Dec 2007 01:01 pm
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Colossal Clothing is proud to be affiliated with American Apparel, the largest and finest clothing maker in North America. All of our garments are made under special arrangement in the American Apparel sweatshop-free facilities, utilizing fair labor practices.
They offer T-shirts, tank tops, polo shirts, hoodies, and jackets to men's size 5XL. They have photos of most sizes on a model of that size.
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Bacon brittle

Bacon baklava

I would make them, but bacon has a tendency to go from the draining and cooling stage directly into my mouth.
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I pass on (from [ profile] kyubi, who has the good fortune to look at these things as part of her line of work) the blog

The first entry at the moment is for the "Hello Kitty Etch-A-Sketch Purse."

The author of this blog taunts his ambivalent readers by refusing to reveal where to buy the products he blogs about.
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I really liked today's Cute Overload photo of a cream tabby kitten. Here are lots lots more:
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The OH loves Fred Astaire movies and I generally find them irritating in one way or another, except for the dancing. But tonight's movie, Roberta, was an exception. It had great songs, several strong women characters, and even a couple of charming, non-buffoonish fat characters. It had some great geeky dialogue. It even qualifies under the Bechdel Rule.

The leading man was played by Randolph Scott, who I gather usually played in Westerns, but he was especially cute and charming in this movie - he had an open face that most of the romantic leads of the era didn't have, and a great "gee, you're swell!" gaze.

Even the OH had never heard of the movie before (it came in his Fred & Ginger collection). There are a lot of rave reviews on IMDB. We were speculating why it never became as popular as other Fred & Ginger movies. Maybe because spoilers )
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I don't remember which person on my friends list posted the link to the Making Light thread in which LOLCatz (and other Internet phenomena such as 1337) meet literature, but thanks to whoever it was. I haven't laughed this hard in months.
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For those of you who are fans of the Mystery Case Files game genre (where you locate objects hidden in an image), they've come out with a new type of game in the same genre, called Travelogue 360 Paris. One difference is that the image is larger and scrolls (so you can't see all the objects you need at once).

I haven't played it yet; I just got a notice about it from one of the sites that carries it, BigFishGames.
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Taxidermy Reversal for Beginners !


19 Jul 2006 08:17 pm
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I'm not a huge jazz fan, so those of you more knowledgeable than I am have possibly already heard of this person. If not, and if you like piano jazz at all, I heartily recommend the album Cutting Loose by the Matt Savage Trio.

It so happens that Matt Savage is an autistic prodigy (about 13 when this CD was produced) and I found out about him while surfing around Wikipedia reading about autism. But that's not why I'm recommending the CD - it's just really good. To my ears, anyway.
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Big Fat Carnival #3 is up here:

There were some good posts (especially from body impolitic).

I'm glad that there IS such a thing as a Big Fat Carnival, never mind a 3d one (and the 4th is already scheduled). I sure as hell wish I'd had access to ANY critical thought about fat and body size when I was younger. And overall there was a lot of good thought and a lot of good sharing of personal experience.

However, I should not have gone in to read the posts in an emotionally vulnerable mood. I kept getting upset at subtle hatred discomfort/ambivalence about (some kinds of) fat in the posts and less subtle healthism and fat hatred/discomfort/ambivalence in some of the comments.

Things I need to remember before the next time I read a roundup of such posts:
  • The concept of "fat acceptance" covers a lot of ground, some of which I find, well, not accepting enough. But everyone has to start somewhere.
  • Discussions of fat, body size, body image, eating, and so forth, even when they are presented in a context of acceptance, are not always comfortable for me and don't always conform to my fairly extreme politics on the subject.
  • Not all bloggers moderate the contents of their posts and fat acceptance posts sometimes attract fat-hating and healthist comments.
Last night, I started a post discussing the specific parts I found uncomfortable, but I deleted it because I thought it was unfair of me to focus on the negative. I'm still mulling over whether I should make a post along those lines.
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Cute BBW 3D animation movie, aptly described by [ profile] kyubi as "Definitely fat-positive rather than size-positive".

(Possibly NWS, includes sound and string bikinis)
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...I like Peep web pages so much.

Here they are using a library.

(via [ profile] supergee)
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This link was originally posted by [ profile] plasticsturgeon in [ profile] fatshionista:
"Readying Amy Lowell's Body(s)" -- An Essay by Melissa Bradshaw

A quote:
After a disastrous reducing experience in her early twenties, which involved sailing down the Nile subsisting on a diet of asparagus and tomatoes, Lowell resolutely avoided losing weight ever again, refusing to modify her eating habits, take diet pills (which commonly contained strychnine and arsenic), or undergo any experimental cures. When one doctor suggested operating on her thyroid to cure her "imbalance" Lowell refused because she feared it would interfere with her thinking process (Gregory 39). Such resistance to changing her body is anomalous in turn-of-the-century American culture, which Hillel Schwartz describes as saturated with marketing campaigns for slimming programs and miracle cures.
Gee, it's hard to tell which century-turning he's talking about, isn't it?

Bradshaw goes on to discuss how Lowell dressed during the daytime (in severe suits) and for evening events (very flamboyantly) and to claim
a camp reading of Lowell’s evening-wear transforms what many have described as a "failure" into a triumph. What might appear as a reinforcement of the dominant order becomes instead a daring transgression. Here is a counternarrative to those which describe Lowell’s evening wear as misguided and unfortunate, one which grants Lowell agency and purpose in her clothing choices. This is Amy Lowell coming out as a fat woman. This is Amy Lowell acknowledging a value system that ridicules and excludes her because she is fat, and inserting herself into it loudly and dramatically.
I'm kind of embarrassed that I don't know much about her and I choose to learn more because of reading something about her body and style of dress rather than via reading her poetry. Isn't that just typical? But I'm glad I've discovered her now. Here's one of her more well known poems: Read more... )
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I get frustrated because I want to try out about half the projects but I don't even have time to read all the projects, never mind try them out. Here's one that's easy to try out:


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