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I was quite entertained by Star Trek: Into Darkness but it didn't make me gleeful the same way Reboot did. Not that sequels often do that.

I was a bit disappointed that so much of the movie was a lead-up to a sort-of redo of that scene in Star Trek II; Pine and Quinto did a good job, but through no fault of their own they were doing it in a giant shadow. Also having Kirk resurrected so quickly (and knowing how that would happen) took some of the thrill out of it.

Benedict Cumberbatch makes a good villain, but not a good Khan. Khan should be over-the-top, not robotic. Also not British. Although if we must have a British Khan...maybe Christopher Eccleston? :)

What else? Other-timeline-Vulcan ex machina.....Good Spock vs. Khan chase through future San Francisco.....Loved watching the starship take out Coit Tower.....Uhura can speak Klingon to me all night long.....Bechdel fail that had to have taken some effort to arrange: There were TWO women with important roles but they don't speak to each other.....I was a bit disappointed in Carol Marcus -- I hoped she would be the one to disable Daddy's ship.....How did Scotty just waltz into that secret ship-building installation? Don't they even have security cameras?.....Occasionally they remembered that there's no sound in spaaaace.

There's crossover heaven in my fannish brain right now: Sherlock vs. Khan, Spock vs. Sherlock, Spock vs. Sylar, might as well throw in Loki vs. Khan because they're pretty similar villains. Also, the Alien universe aliens live in that warp core.

Date: 6 Jun 2013 06:39 pm (UTC)
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I enjoyed it, but there were so many references and namechecks it felt like really expensive fanfic. And not in a good way.

I also really didn't much like the "mankind needs a good war to keep the gene pool healthy" subtext.


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